CMSP focuses its effort on three main programs: community gardening, market garden apprenticeships, and a community education program.

Through the community garden program we provide land and the resources for prosperous gardens to individuals and families who otherwise would struggle to have access to healthy foods. CMSP constitutes a multicultural community working with immigrant and refugee populations from East Africa as well as Latino families, Asian families, and white families.

The market garden apprenticeship program takes aspiring sustainable food producers and places them in a direct service position where they take leadership in management of profit-based gardens, selling produce to restaurants, cooperatives, and local vendors.

The community education program invites gardeners and the Greater Community of St. Cloud to expand their knowledge on how to grow and preserve, and how to develop sustainable gardens through various classes throughout our growing season. During all classes CMSP offers Somali translation to meet the language needs of our constituents.

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