Making Noise for Urban Chickens

The news is in: community members are making noise for urban (backyard) chickens, and CMSP is standing on the frontline. Aligning with our values, we see the importance of families knowing exactly where their food is coming food. When a community invests in local food sources, the community prospers. Individuals are able to make healthier choices, support sustainability, and keep their money local.
The trend for urban chickens is growing; with the benefits of backyard chickens being so immense, it’s hard to argue against. A small flock of chickens make less noise and produce less waste than the average household dog, and their waste makes for great compost fertilizer. Great compost fertilizer is far from their best benefit, backyard chickens also:

– Produce healthier, nutrient-rich eggs. In contract to factory produced eggs, backyard chicken eggs have 25% more vitamin E, 75% more beta carotene, and have more omega-3 fatty acids.

– Produce tastier eggs. A hen will drop one or two eggs a day depending on breed. This provides a family with fresh eggs every day. As eggs age, air will naturally seep through the eggshell which degrades both the nutrition and the taste.

– Provide great learning opportunities for the whole family, a seasonal science project, if you may. There isn’t a better way to learn where your food comes from than producing it yourself!

– Build community relationships. Having chickens is a wonderful way to spark conversation with your neighbors and build relationships. Chickens may not be particularly smart, but they sure are interesting!

And that is still only the beginning of what urban chickens can provide for our community. Check out the article in St. Cloud Times to learn more about how your community is standing up and making noise for the right to have urban chickens!